Work from home… or anywhere.  100% remote workforce.

Working for Dash Logistics Team is like working for yourself!

Dash Logistics Team offers BYOD telecommute opportunities giving you the freedom to work from any location provided you have access to high speed internet. Most all hardware platforms can utilize our web based programs (PC, Tablet, Smartphones, Mac etc.) allowing you to maintain employment from any location of your choosing. We do require our team members be based in the United States and file as 1099.

You are better equipped to understand how scheduling effects you and your customers, so why not be your own boss?  We are here to assist in any day to day hurdles providing back end support, training and feedback. We have a strong belief in open door policies coupled with a non-micro manage business structure.  We also ease the pressures related to quota attainment by offering a commission based pay structure that includes paid time off.

Diversity can be essential to our success and Dash Logistics Team values each individual’s distinct contribution leveraging our collective strengths to ensure we remain the broker solutions company of choice.  We also offer personal growth and development courses to increase your business skills to bolster future success.  Courses are not limited to just the transportation industry and we encourage you to explore various paths of continued education.

Current Opportunities Available.

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